teaching materials

Please see below for a short list of relevant teaching materials. These includes samples of feedback I have provided on student writing assignments as well as an example of a guest lecture I gave in fall 2015 in GEO 272, World Cultures.


samples of student feedback on writing assignments

In all of the courses I have taught, I have been responsible for grading student assignments and exams. I take seriously the opportunity to improve student writing and I emphasize the importance of improvement over time. Students find my availability and willingness to improve their writing valuable, and this sentiment is often reflected in student evaluations. For each assignment, I provide individualized feedback and extensive comments to explain their grade and how to improve. 

student feedback, sample 1

student feedback, sample 2


sample guest lecture

As a teaching assistant, I have also been tasked with giving guest lectures in class. I value these opportunities to refine my speaking and presentation skills in a traditional lecture environment.

guest lecture lesson plan

guest lecture PowerPoint